Saturday, September 14, 2013

What Happens When Pop Stars Become Pregnant?!

It's no secret that the lovely Frankie Sandford is very much pregnant with gorgeous fiancé Wayne Bridge. The tabloids and paparazzi refuse to let The Saturdays' star go from gaining the extra weight. Hello?! The woman is with child. Deal with it. And now as of late our very own Nadine Coyle from Girls Aloud announced that she too is expecting a little wee one. Both Rochelle Humes and Una Healy of The Saturdays have had children so it can be done. It happens all the time. Woman meets man. Woman becomes pregnant. If she is a pop star then she has a lighter workload and spends more time away from the group until she has said little one. Again, this happens. The new video for The Saturdays' "Disco Love" is living proof of just what happens when a pop star becomes pregnant.

As beautiful as Frankie looks in the first scene in the desert she is obviously hidden in the van behind the door. Let's just ignore the fact she is knocked-up. No Tea. I don't mean any offense or disrespect by my words just concern about not celebrating something wonderful while obviously hiding it. The other girls run around the van and frolic. Then the next round of moments we see many close-ups of the girls while Frankie is the only one not hitting the floor on her skates. Maybe her feet were too swollen? She's too busy handing out the skates at the roller rink to the paying customers as well as her fellow Sats trying to get through this sketchy video character concept. Hmm. Then in the end there is a big group shot with the girls mingling happily with the men. However it's all so busy and again we have Frankie getting the short end of the stick dressed in a black tent with mousey hair giving me Posh Spice early years hidden amongst the chaos with no close-ups. The other girls look amazing but being a huge fan of Frankie's I was slightly disappointed considering the song is so damn fabulous. I have no doubt once Franks delivers she will have that baby weight off in no time and The Sats will return to their fierce selves once more one group united.

Good luck, Frankie! Sending great thoughts! xoxo

And check out Chasing The Saturdays leading up their new album out very soon!




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